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American Sniper
Director: Clint Eastwood
Cast: Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller
Genre: Biopic, War
Plot: Following the life of the most deadly Sniper in US military history, “’American Sniper” tells the story of Chris Kyle, who has done multiple tours in Iraq and tries his best to protect his comrades. The film shows his decision to enrol in the NAVY Seals and his battle with PTSD.

Who should watch this: This has broken all the records stateside, due to a lack of competition and… well, it has America in the name. Also it came out right after its six Oscar nominations including Best Picture were announced. There really was a perfect storm of reasons for American Sniper to be as successful as it was. The question is whether it will work as well outside of America. All I can say is this, it has got a lot going for it, so if you can prepare yourself to enter the mind-set of a patriotic Texan, this might be for you.

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